SCCM 2012 IP - Two Improvement Suggestions

Jun 25, 2013 at 3:13 PM
I have started to look into the SCCM2012 IP and I found two Improvements I would like to see (I'm rather new to Orchestrator so if I have mssed something - just tell me so)
  1. In the Get SCCM Computer Method I would like to add a possibility to ask for the macaddress. (doing OSD and the one thing that counts is the mac)
  2. In the Add New SCCM Computer Method I would like to add the Overwrite function from the WMI class. It's rather handy when a Computer has been away for a while and only have ddr without an Macadress. With overwrite we can get it's macadress back again and therefore allow us to OSD it while still keeoing the history of the record.